“choose a job that you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”



Mike, Manager

The breadth of Mike’s knowledge of art supplies is matched only by his equally vast knowledge of every bad TV show that was ever made. When I couldn’t think of the name of the 80’s show where the guy can transform into a panther (amongst other things) I only had to ask Mike. It’s Manimal. I rest my case.

Susan, Framing Manager

The wisest of all our staff, Susan brings taste and elegance to our framing operation. We are pretty sure some people frame ridiculous things just to be in her presence. As a recovering textile artist, Susan has begun conquering her addiction to small pieces of expensive fabric, and is working mostly in acrylic now.


This lovely, diminutive, soft-spoken woman is married to a man named Colonel and has a pet alligator that lives INSIDE her house and is allowed to sit on the furniture. Do not be fooled by her unassuming exterior. As well as being an excellent framer, she also functions as our security system.


Erica, Manager

Erica is a very talented printmaker and gardener. Botanicals and the symbolism of roots and family inform her work, an example of which can be seen on her left arm if you are curious. In addition to an incredible knowledge of art supplies and framing, Erica can also help explain how to navigate the changing world we live in with honesty and compassion, should you need help in that arena too.


A recent addition to our team, we stole Ian from Mary’s Hardware on Rampart. This is an excellent hardware store that everyone should visit. He also used to manage a large art supply store, which shall not be named (like Voldemort), in Seattle so he is already armed with art supply expertise. We are pretty sure he is the best choice we ever made.


Aimee, Manager

Aimee graduated in toy design from Otis. This should be enough, right? But there’s more. She and her policeman husband enjoy dressing up whenever they can. Aimee makes the costumes which have included goat legs (for him), sexy corset covered in leaves (for her), giant cartoon hammer for Harlequin costume (for him, yes him), sexy corset (for her), Krampus suit (for him), sexy holiday corset (for her), etc. etc. Also, because she is from California, she is helping us all to be more environmentally aware.


Tina was retired from the corporate world, and said she would only ever go back to work if it could be at Mo’s. So we opened the Baton Rouge store for her. Everyone who is happy that we have that location, thank Tina.


Kate is a beautiful and talented young art student. And she allows Aimee to refer to her as minion, which I think is ridiculous. She is our best employee.

roving & hard to pin down

Simone & Curran Burke

While I do go around taking all the credit, Mo’s Art Supply is actually the result of a very fluid and flexible (not unlike polymer medium) collaboration. I am Bettte Midler, he is Barbara Hershey. Except he is a man and we are married.